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class 11th economics


Grade VI Mathematics NCERT

Mathematics is useful for solving problems that occur in real world. It is all around us in everything we do as it is the building block for everything in a daily life. This course deals with the Mathematics of Grade VI students in a easy learning way.

Grade IV General Knowledge CBSE

As we all know that having general knowledge about the world and the surroundings is an important aspect for everyone. So, this course will help the students of grade IV to understand some basic general knowledge about the world and will help them to understand their surroundings in an easy way.


This Course primarily Emphasizes on getting concept clear of students in physics. It helps students to digest all the stuff related to physics with Ease.

Grade IV CCE Mathematics

Mathematics is the subject which forms the bases of our life and is used in day-to-day life. This course for grade IV students will help them to learn how to make simple calculations in a very easy and tricky ways.

Grade IV CBSE English Grammar

Learning grammar is very important for understanding a language as it helps to communicate easily and so learning it in a right way at lower age gives a student a confident to deal with the surroundings.

Computer Science

This course includes all the components in computers and You will also get the knowledge of MS-OFFICE, MS-WORD, MS-POWERPOINT, and all the basics of Computers.

Business Studies

This course includes all the units of Business studies for higher classes like Business management, Business Environment, Principles of management.

Writing Skills

This course is all about writing skills In which I have included Comprehension reading, Storytelling, Note-taking, business Writing, letter Writing, E-mail writing, writing dialogue, and many more.

Grade IV CBSE Hindi

As Hindi is our mother language, learning more about it in a effective way for children make it easy. In this course, student will learn about the chapters that will give some lesson to them.

Grade IV English Reader CBSE

This course deals with the chapters of English Reader book.

Grade IV English Literature CBSE

English being the most important and GLOBAL language, has it own importance as a subject too and so here we're going to study about the Literature book of English for the students of class IV.

Social Studies Grade IV CBSE

As we know, social science is the basic subject that helps the students to get to know about the world and their country. So, in this course the students will get to know about the basics of social science and the things that happens in their surroundings.
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Guidelines for Teachers

  • Never share your personal mobile No. and email id with students.
  • Display your availability at Eclassopedia portal on monthly basis.
  • Use Eclassopedia chat option to exchange syllabus, all assignments and homework.
  • At the end of class discuss with the student about next class timing and inform team Eclassopedia at +919821373362
  • Don’t cancel the scheduled class. In case you have to do due to some important work inform the Team Eclassopedia at +919821373362 at least before 12 hrs.
  • Please join the session on scheduled time. Incase student don’t join the session on time, wait for 15 minutes. If student doesn’t join within 15 minutes, then logout.
  • Once a student enrolled with you. You have to complete his/her syllabus for academic year.
  • Homework should be assigned after each class.
  • Assignment and quizzes are to be conducted.
  • After one month feedback mail should be written to parents about students’ progress.
  • Search Instructors

    6 Steps For Students

    To Transform your life through education

    Step 1- Register

    To get started with Eclassopedia, the student needs to register to input basic details including name, communication, and location details. In addition, need to provide Class/ grade, subject, curriculum and preferred time to schedule demo session. Either the student/ parent can register as a user.

    Step 2- Choose Tutor

    Student/parents can
    • Navigate through an extensive database of teachers across subjects and specializations
    • Check the tutor’s profile, qualifications, achievements, specializations, course plan, fee and availability details
    • Choose a preferred tutor

    Step 3- Have Demo Class

    Upon choosing a tutor, the student will be provided with 30 minutes of LIVE video demo class on the chosen topic, to get an idea on how things work. The 30-minute demo class is sectioned into 5 minutes of introductory interaction, 20 minutes of actual topic delivery, and 5 minutes of interaction with parents to attend their queries.

    **For students who choose for the ‘group class’ option, a pre-recorded demo video will be shared and students can watch it and provide the feedback.

    Step 4- Feedback

    This is the point where the student can share their thoughts on the demo section. Students can rate the learning experience. If students seek to experience classes of other teachers, we will make it happen, because we give freedom to choose for our students.

    Step 5- Pay Fees

    Once the student selects the tutor, the next step is payment. As per the fee details of the tutor, the student needs to proceed with the payment of fees. We provide different payment options including Paytm (for students’ from India), PayPal (for students’ overseas), and online bank transfer. For yearly courses, students can choose to pay fees on a three installment basis; and for monthly courses, the full fee should be paid at a time, in advance.

    Step 6- Start Class

    Once all the above-mentioned steps are completed successfully, students can start with the classes as per their selected class schedule.

    For individual or one-to-one classes: Students can attend their classes as per the course and the schedule chosen with the tutor of their choice.

    For Group Classes:

    • Each class comprises of 4- 20 students
    • A fixed schedule agreed by the tutor and all the group participants will be followed, i.e. common timing
    • For yearly course subscription: payment can be made in 3 installments, for monthly courses: one advance payment is required.

    6 Steps For Tutors

    Become a Teacher. Share your knowledge!

    Step 1- Register

    Initially, the tutor/teacher should register with the Eclassopedia platform with details such as basic profile information, educational qualifications, work experience, subjects, location, and upload a portrait picture in white color collared T-shirt.

    Step 2- Screening

    In this step, the tutor profiles are shortlisted based on the pre-defined criteria of Eclassopedia. For example, reasonable online tutoring experience, high qualifications; and availability of hardware infrastructure to conduct online classes like Laptop with webcam and microphone digital Pen-tablets; high-speed internet connection (more than 20 MBPS), etc. Tutors with Post Graduation, B.ED/ CTET qualifications will always have an additional benefit.

    Step 3- Give Demo Class

    The screened tutors will receive a topic related to their qualification/ work experience, upon which a demo class needs to be delivered. The demo class will be shared with our core team for internal assessment and scrutiny of their teaching approach, subject knowledge, language fluency, and other key aspects.

    Step 4- Feedback

    The tutor will receive feedback from the Eclassopedia’s team by 1 week from the date of delivering the demo class (via phone call/email).

    Step 5- Training

    Once selected, the tutor will go through a systematic training devised specifically according to the requirements of Eclassopedia’s course delivery policies. Few key aspects of training include: familiarizing with Eclassopedia’s platform, features and tools; overseas curriculum, and best teaching practices.

    Step 6- Start Class

    Upon successful completion of the training, the tutor can get started with classes.


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