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This course comprises of basic as well as in depth concepts from Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Biology like Reproduction, Respiration, Nutrition, Elements and Compounds, Changes Around Us , Motion and Time and Winds, Storms and Cyclones. It serves as a good base for further learning in the higher grades.


The contents of this course and the basic concepts helps to pave way to understand the extension of the same in higher classes and the topics would also give a base to understand appplied Sciences.

Course Currilcum

    • 02:00:00
    • Nutrition in Plants 2 days
    • Nutrition in Animals 3 days
    • Materials of Daily Use 3 days
    • Heat 5 days
    • Acids and Bases 3 days
    • How tHings React with One Another 4 days
    • Soil 4 days
    • Respiration In Organisms 4 days
    • Transportation of Materials 5 days
    • Reproduction in Plants 5 days
    • Motion and Time 7 days
    • Electric Current and its Effects 6 days
    • Light 6 days
    • Wind, Storms and Cyclones 4 days
    • Forests 3 days
    • Scarcity of Water 4 days
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