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Eclassopedia contributing in K-12 education system

The introduction of technology has revolutionized education and that has given birth to new modes of education. One of the new modes that have changed the way education is imparted is the K-12 education. K–12 comprises the sum of primary and secondary education India, the United States, Canada, Ecuador, South Korea, Turkey, Philippines, Egypt, Australia, Afghanistan and Iran for publicly-supported school grades prior to college. This kind of educational system is different from the conventional method of teaching and involves a more teacher-student communication than the conventional version. The K-12 education is the term used to denote the education imparted in the primary and secondary phases of a school life, including K or kindergarten to 12 which stands for the 12th standard. This particular system covers the education from kindergarten till the 12th grade.

Eclassopedia plays a vital role in K-12 education system as it includes a lot of teacher-student interaction with the teacher encouraging lot of question-answer sessions, assignments that would promote interesting learning habits in students. The main concept of this education is individual attention of teacher which involves lot of learning and understanding that increases capabilities of students of their own. Also, it comprises the way which set apart from conventional learning of reading and submitting assignments by also including the student’s views and ideas.

At Eclassopedia, we have well trained and educated teachers which follow the new model of learning system which facilitates more teacher-student harmony and more self-reliable, independent individual who can create difference, not just for the individual, but for the society as a whole is what this new educational revolution has to offer.

August 1, 2020
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