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To transform the world is no matter an easy thing. To undergo a revolution is difficult and time-consuming. However, there is one way to change the world, which is possible only through education. It liberates people, society, structure and everything. It determines the future worth too.


Importance of Education


In today’s world, education need not be within a traditional four-walled classroom. There will be a physical building with many teachers, labs, and other equipment. Now in this era, there are more advanced levels of Learning. One such premium level would be online tutoring.


Most parents need a tutor for their children to grow and establish themselves. Many tutors sites and teaching sites online are on the growth path. One such India tutor online site is “Eclassopedia.” Here the live tutors online would create a feasible virtual environment where they can meet to explore. Many tutors and students are a part of this community.




This India tutor online site has advanced the education arc for many students in many countries and continents. Our attitudes and actions are based on the level of education. In Eclassopedia, they build the career of each tutee from very minute steps. They only provide the best and outstanding tutors who are very well experienced in these areas. After lengthy tests and interviews, the teachers undergo various training sessions. They undergo comprehensive training by IIT alums. Their sessions are made available to children from grades 1 to 12th and for most of the curriculum.


What is Eclassopedia?


The very titular name of the platform itself is innovative. The word “e-class” means Virtual or live classes, and “pedia” means learning. So the overall goal of the platform is learning through online tutors site.


The site is the brainchild of Ms. Savita Grag. She has served more than 15+ years, and the institute was established in 2017. After considering many factors, she decided to start it. Her primary inspiration was those students who never got access to good tutors and were under physical and geographical restrictions. By establishing such a platform, she helped many in overcoming such barriers.


The live tutors online transform the individual learners into new flexible ones, brilliant in all areas. They remove all the gaps of space, time, physical environment, cost, etc. They provide a two-way audio-video tools experience, where tutor and student can interact in real-time. They also help the children with other exams, practicals, extracurricular activities, etc.



The India tutor online platform’s central vision is to give students world-class education irrespective of location and space. The live tutors online provide more focused and individualized learning patterns. They choose unique and straightforward methods for tutoring.


The platform has many vital tools and technologies that make the parents rely on the site.


Dedicated and certified Tutors

There are expert and qualified tutors who are fully dedicated and passionate. They are more than 800 in number. They encourage and motivate students with all the possibilities. They give constant feedback and assessments without hurting them. The approach is not tutor or syllabus oriented but rather student-centred.


One-to-one classes

The major USP is providing one-to-one individual classes. This helps in giving out more attention and mentoring.


Group Classes

They also provide group classes. This class helps to connect more similar types of learners.


Flexible Schedule

The students are the omnipotent faculty here. Therefore their time is considered the prime one. The students can choose their time according to their flexibility. There are both national and international students. The variation in time is maintained strictly.


Technology based Learning

Here, the classes and discussions are based on technology. There are live classes, video tutorials, content, worksheets, tests, quizzes etc. The students get exposure to the best tools. The learning programs here include interactive and engaging content.


How tutors are connected


The students need a tutor, so they register on tutors site or teaching sites online. They are virtually connected to the platform by the official team. There are a variety of tools, including a whiteboard. These tools bridge the gap between traditional and online platforms. Therefore there is the true soul of a physical class.


Feedbacks and Assessments

Mainly the performance of students needs to be analyzed. This is not a one-day task. It takes time. The live tutors online need constant care in the matters of the students and patients. In Eclassopedia, there is constant assessment, feedback, evaluation and reporting. This is done through deep understanding by them. The tutor marks the grade cards and reports. Therefore the parents and guardians easily view the progress of their child. With this understanding, the tutors will focus on the areas of improvement.



IGCSE, CBSE, Australian Curriculum, Singapore Curriculum, UK Curriculum, USA Curriculum, EDEXCEL, IB, ICSE, GCSE and other special courses too are there. They also teach Vedic maths and DELF classes.


The main subjects are Maths, Science, English, etc. They mainly focus on subject-oriented tutoring. E.g., In maths, they focus on topics from simple to complicated ones. For lower grades, they focus on simple topics. With the grades being promoted, the subject becomes difficult. So the online tutor provides more focused learning methods. The tutor gives excellent classes with the provided materials and other additional content.

They solve problems and help the students by doing the same. They also help students with other illustrations. With these, the students excel in their grades too.


The live classes or sessions are conducted based on the convenience and schedule of the tutee. The written and printed notes are provided after each specific chapter. Assignments and projects are to be submitted after each chapter too. In addition to it, online quizzes and tests are done too. Constant revision helps to increase the memory power of the student. Report cards are given at the end of each month with a Parent teacher meeting. The parents can also recommend their needs. A course completion certificate will also be given.


Summing up


Eclassopedia, an Indian Online teaching site provides the best services. They provide quality-based outputs to tutees. The platform has more than 800 tutors and 5000 students with more than 1lakh sessions. Success does not happen in one day. However, within a few days, the students will excel in grades and other curricular activities with the help of live tutors online and the best tutor site. Eclassopedia has become one of the most well-known and fastest online teaching sites.

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