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Fueling Women Empowerment With Technology Innovation

Women of the 21st century are progressive thinkers and have proved their mettle by erasing the boundaries, reaching new heights, making the best use of resources and infrastructure available, and redefined the conventional meaning of women empowerment. The women behind Eclassopedia are no less than warriors, under the magnificent guidance of Ms. Savita Garg, women’s power has taken a new turn.

Spearheaded By A Woman

Eclassopedia is led by Ms.Savita Garg— the brain behind the inception of the Eclassopedia online tutoring platform. Being a teacher herself, she always envisioned to unravel to the true potential of women by nurturing them with essential training, motivation, and use technology as a tool of development. The idea of Eclassopedia has sparked in her mind when she is restricted to her home due to circumstances and social liabilities and unable to find a tutor for her daughter’s math classes. She has introduced Eclassopedia- an online learning platform to bridge the gap between students and tutors. This initiative has changed the lives of many women and helped them achieve higher. With her forward-thinking, intense passion to bring some change, and vision to lead the technological development, Savita Garg has become successful at bringing change in many women’s lives. She is planning to add more women tutors to the platform and provide them with work opportunities.

More Than 80% Of Tutors On Eclassopedia Are Women

Eclassopedia is home for 600+ tutors, out of which more than 80% are women. This is a clear testimony of Savita Garg’s passion for women empowerment and development. The women tutors on Eclassopedia are highly educated, talented, and determined teachers who are unable to reach their career aspirations, due to personal and societal responsibilities. To enable them to utilize their full potential, overcome personal and professional challenges, and reach their career goals, Eclassopedia has emerged as a viable solution. The success of the platform lies in realizing the dreams of the hundreds of women who cannot go outside for work. Now they are financially independent with a feeling of accomplishment.

Generating Forex to India

Eclassopedia’s business model is to export e-learning or online tutoring services globally which will in turn generate Forex to India and contributes to economic development. As a fast-growing platform, we have already delivered one lakh plus sessions and are bound to generate more revenue to the country and thus adding up more to the Forex.

Core Team 100% Women

Eclassopedia’s core team being all women has played an instrumental role in the success. The core team is mentored from the WEE (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) program conducted by IIT Delhi. Our core team takes care of all platform improvement activities, tutor screening, back-end maintenance, marketing, operations, and other core business activities that are pillars to maintain the Eclassopedia platform.

Way Forward

The founder of Eclassopedia, Savita Garg is aiming at making the Eclassopedia the No. 1 e-learning platform in India. Her success mantra: to upgrade continuously, work hard, and learn from mistakes. Also, her dream is to provide topnotch education to students regardless of their location.

August 1, 2020
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