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Introduction Greetings Session 1
Alphabet Session 2
Subject Pronouns  Je, Tu, Il/Elle/On, Nous, Vous, Ils/Elles Session 3
Formal and informal 1,2,3,4… Session 4
Cardinal Numbers(1-50) First, second,third…. Session 5
Ordinal Numbers Monday,Tuesday…. Session 6
Pronanciation with consonant(b,c,d…)with vowel(A.e.i.o.u) Session 7
Days of the week January, february…. Session 8
Months of the year winter, summer,…. Session 9
Seasons red, white,blue Session 10
Colours it is cold, it is hot…. Session 11
weather Session 12
Revision, speaking , reading big, small, good,bad…. Session 13
Adjective Session 14
Etre verb Session 15
Avoir verb Session 16
How to make plural Session 17
how to make feminine My name is…, I live in…. Session 18
Introduce yourself Session 19
Family vocabulary Mother,Father,… Session 20
Introduce your family Session 21
introduce someone Un,Une,Des Session 22
Indefinite article Le,la,l’,les Session 23
definite articles Indian, canadien,…. Session 24
nationalities Session 25
Revision , present yourself, reading Telling and asking time Session 26
Date and time Session 27
Cardinal Numbers(50-100) 51,52,53….. Session 28
Er verbs(regular) parler,regarder…. Session 29
Revision, speaking , reading Session 30


Kalpana Maithani
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