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Looking for Medical degrees? MCAT will not trouble you.

Abroad study is the privilege that every student aspires but often opts out because of the selection hurdles they face. Though, by a well-structured mentorship and study lines, it is not a Herculean task for them. Considering the time and cost-effective learning and ongoing technological advancements online learning provides some great possibilities. Amongst, medical degree aspirants Eclassopedia gives a fine pathway with providing efficient online MCAT coaching for students.

What’s MCAT?

The MCAT or Medical College admission test is the examination hurdle required for medical students in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Caribbean Islands. With the effect from April 2015, the AAMC launched a new version of the MCAT exam in which the score reports are in four sections;

• Biological and biochemical foundations of Living Systems

• Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

• Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behaviour

• Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

AAMC conducts it 25 times a year in 21 countries. Each of the four sections will have a score from 118 to 132 range and with a median score of 125. There will be 230 questions in the test in total as multiple-choice Type Questions (MCQs) want to attempt in 7.5 hours. The sum total of the four ranges from 472 to 528 is the overall MCAT score. However, the score requirements for the application depend on the medical schools you target. Usually, the official scores are released post to 30-35 days of the examination.

Also, the students can appear for the test maximum of three times in a one-year period, 4 times in a two-year period, and 7 times for life. The score a candidate secured in a test is valid for 2 to 3 years depending on the medical college he applies to. But, students other than preparing to apply to a health professional school, want to get special permission from AAMC. For each attempt registration fee costs between $315 to 360, depending upon the region.

Why Eclassopedia?

Eclassopedia is a leading massive online learning provider, mentoring 5000+ students in 50+ countries with any time access 24/7. Over the last years, it has been strongly guiding and leading students across the globe. Now we have flourished Eclassopedia is a leading massive online learning provider, mentoring 5000+ students in 50+ countries with anytime access of 24/7. Over the last years, it has been strongly guiding and leading students across the globe. Now we have flourished as the best providers of online tutors to the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and have successfully completed more than 350,000 hours so far.

Active mentorship

We have an abundant reserve of over 800 faculties well expertise and have undergone comprehensive training from IIT alumni. We facilitate the best possible Indian tutors for international students. They will prioritize the study background of students and will give prompt educational advice. We provide teachers for every student individually as personal mentors. By doing so, we maintain the quality and standard of the study and make the concepts well cleared. They can discuss any matters relating to the course of study and clear the queries is directly from them.

Convenient in practice

Knowledge seekers from anywhere on the globe can equally access the learning irrespective of the time zones or place barrios. The time structures are flexible and up to the students, and they can learn at their desired time. It helps them indulge more in the sessions and get the best out of them. Accordingly, Students are free to demand and learn on their own terms by selecting convenient modules from them to study. Each and every study materials are in a non-complicated and well-associated manner and will give a smooth going learning experience to the students.

The LIVE and interactive mode of sessions are so convenient and will make the concepts crystal clear at the classes itself. Our study platform provides a personalized experience using two-way audio, video tools allow tutor and student to interact in real-time. Our monitoring measures ensure that all the lessons are tailor-made according the student’s learning style, abilities, interests, and grasping speed. Through the unique and innovative approach to teaching we take, the students can connect with the subject matter they need to master as they wish.

Technically full-fledged

Likewise, Eclassopedia dominantly leverages technology and unifies best learning practices in form of video tutorials, engaging content, tests, worksheets, and thought-provoking quizzes, with the best tutors so that all the students get equal access to the best learning tools.

Truly, the learning platform we provide is well-equipped with a digital whiteboard together and with different technology-based teaching tools and attempts. It will clearly bring the true essence of a physical classroom to your home. Also, students can replay the tutoring session they selected on-demand for revision purposes.

System of check and balance

Similarly, we have formulated a continuous assessment, feedback, and reporting to create in-depth evaluation reports and grade cards of students. Also, will ensure the follow-ups based on the performance they give. Start MCAT preparation with Eclassopedia today and give wings to your foreign dreams.

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