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IGCSE Mathematics Foundation


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  1. Number
    • Use numerical skills in a purely mathematical way and in real-life situations.
  2. Algebra
    • Use letters as equivalent to numbers and as variables.
    • Understand the distinction between expressions, equations and formulae.
    • Use algebra to set up and solve problems.
    • Demonstrate manipulative skills.
    • Construct and use graphs.
  3. Geometry
    • Use properties of angles.
    • Understand a range of transformations.
    • Work within the metric system.
    • Understand ideas of space and shape.
    • Use ruler, compasses and protractor appropriately.
  4. Statistics
    • Understand basic ideas of statistical averages.
    • Use a range of statistical techniques.
    • Use basic ideas of probability.

Students will be able to demonstrate problem-solving skills by translating problems in
mathematical or non-mathematical contexts into a process or a series of mathematical
Students will be able to demonstrate mathematical reasoning skills by:
• making deductions and drawing conclusions from mathematical information
• constructing chains of reasoning
• presenting arguments and proofs
• interpreting and communicating information accurately.

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