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About Founder

Savita Garg

Founder: Eclassopedia

Eclassopedia is the brainchild of Ms. Savita Garg, a teacher-turned entrepreneur. In pursuit of feeding her noble passion for teaching and zeal to bring a change in how the educational system works— Savita Garg has laid the foundation stone for the Eclassopedia platform. Also, she is the co-founder of MyDrCart and Director of Ecurepedia Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Working experience of over 15 years

About Me

During her early years of entrepreneurship, Savita Garg has always sensed a gap in the educational system dynamics— 1. Bright students not getting access to the best tutors; and 2. Teachers with immense knowledge restricted by personal and geographical limitations. By taking full advantage of technology, she started working on a unitary online platform that efficiently bypasses the challenges faced by students, teachers: location, time, availability, convenience, and cost.

Her profound knowledge and persistent efforts root back to her childhood, where she has excelled in all the academics and turned out to be the teacher’s favorite student. Later on, she has pursued her B.Ed. and has served as a teacher for more than 15+ years and played an active role in shaping the future of the students. In 2017, she got a chance to get mentorship from WEE (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) which is a first of its kind socio-national initiative by  IIT Delhi and  Department of Science and technology, Govt of India,  to strengthen women’s ecosystem.  

Eclassopedia is founded in 2016, to provide a common platform on which tutors and students could interact together, thereby removing forever all kinds of hurdles faced by the students and the tutor. Eclassopedia has taught and mentored more than 800+ teachers, 1000+ students, and delivered more than 1 lakh session successfully.  

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