Why Eclassopedia?

• Flexible learning atmosphere is provided according to the student’s interest, need and convenience. Eclassopedia’s mantra being ‘Anytime and Anywhere’

• Personalised and customised education is achieved through discussions with students about their thoughts, problems and queries. By working on their whole development and by concentrating on the student’s strength and learning skills.
• Expert online tutor requirements are met by the recruitment process undertaken by the consultant members of Eclassopedia. Selection is done by considering the three basic features of qualification, experience and teaching performance.
• Solution to every search: You ask for a tutor for a particular subject, we will search within our extensive database and provide you with one.
• Development of children is found to be compromised due to less extracurricular activities as academic pressure increases with every passing year. Eclassopedia also plays a vital role in this area by making activity facility available for the child’s growth.