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A1 Level Syllabus: Introduction to French alphabets (Consonants &Vowels), phonetics & pronunciation Using basic expressions of greetings and farewell, introducing oneself & others in formal and informal situations Overview of French numbers, seasons, months, days of the week etc., Interacting with people in day to day scenario. For ex: Interact with shopkeepers, sales executives, vendors etc., Learning vocabulary related to family, relationships, household items etc., Identifying and naming countries, places, nationalities in French. Describe things and people using colour, shapes Writing post cards, letters, emails explaining personal experiences during vacations, holidays etc., Inviting someone or accepting / rejecting to an invitation Reading and understanding simple sentences and text clearly Grammar : Introduction to Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions; Tenses - Simple present, Simple past/Imperative, Future and Imperative


Course Currilcum

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