How Science is Taught in Online Tutoring Platforms in India

How Science is Taught in Online Tutoring Platforms in India

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Learning science is one of the most demanding tasks. Most of them fail in science, mostly in schools. This is not because they lack the skills. This is only because most of the teachers do not teach well. Here the students endure a lot and suffer a lot. Therefore, the parents choose home tuition or online tuition. Because in an online portal, the students get more clear ideas. They can easily discuss their doubts and clear them then and there.

General Idea about tutoring science subjects

The online tutoring sites in USA and the top online tutoring sites in India offer convenient classes for the students. In countries like India, USA, UK etc. there is a need to learn science. Because all of these are global countries, their development phase is mainly traced to their usage of science and technology. Those best online tutoring platforms in USA provide excellent online sessions and mentoring. With these, the students find it easy to grow and develop. The online tutoring platforms in India provide science classes for learners worldwide. This is profitable for both the learner and the tutor. Because they get to learn each day, if a learner starts to show interest in the class of a specific tutor, then other parents too will demand the same tutor. They want their kids to give out the best, and therefore they will search for the best ones. Mostly they get the knowledge of the best. Eclassopedia, BYJU’S, Vedantu etc., are some of the online tutoring platforms of India that teaches science too.

There will be a variety of students in the world. Some will be weak, and some others just only have some doubts. Some other tutees would need help with their projects and assignments. So the parents would decide to choose the sites based on the needs of the learner. The expert tutor would also book according to their area of knowledge. Thus they will meet together.

Science from the basic level

In the case of full-time classes, the tutor devotes more and more hours to the learner.

They teach the children from a very basic level. They usually use whiteboards in online mode. There they draw and show things to the learner. They will then get a clear idea about it. The concepts are very well explained again and again.

Science in elementary class will only have very few concepts. So, for the tutors, it will be easier to explain the concepts. They will also make the children draw on whiteboards. Here the tutor can then and there understand whether the learner is clear about the concept. When it comes to a high school level, more difficult concepts are to be studied. So, the educators use more innovative methods to cope up with it.

Most of the teachers use PowerPoint presentations. This will be in a more colourful manner too. These all are more syllabus-oriented approaches. The tutor needs to analyse in deep every aspect of it.

Science doubt clearing session

Most students will be busy with their daily schedules. Therefore, they will not be able to spend much time in the online class. Therefore, they opt for a doubt clearing session. Here the student finds the doubts and posts them on the specific site. The tutor comes and gives out a clear solution. This can either happen as a live online class. Or otherwise, the tutor takes a video and records it and sends it or uploads it to the site. Otherwise, if it is small doubts, they will clear it in WhatsApp chat itself.

Division of Science Subjects

The online tutoring sites in USA and the top online tutoring sites in India, and generally the curriculum of the whole academic world, divide science into three:


Physics comes under natural science that studies matters, fundamental concepts, motion, space and time, energy, force etc. They study the universe and its related concepts. For physics, there are theories, derivations, practicals, principles etc. The theories and maths parts are taken in the general mode online. The educator will explain the concept and then draw it on the whiteboard. They also use syllabus-oriented online tools. The practical sessions are done with the camera on. The tutors place themselves in a lab. Then they explain it clearly.


This subject is the scientific study of the properties and behaviour of matter. It is also natural science. It covers the topic of elements, molecules, atoms, ions etc. The demo or regular class is also done through a virtual live class. Later the practical classes are done in a lab. The tutor must go to the lab to do it and show it. The students also visit the lab and do it according to their needs and requirements. Most of the doubt clearing sessions are for practicals. So most of them record it and upload it.


This is the scientific study of language. They mostly focus on evolution, cells, organisms, nucleus etc. For biology, there are more theoretical classes than that practical ones. The tutors mainly focus on the theory. Most of their focus will be on diagrams. The tutors will teach them how to draw and mark it.

To Wrap Up

The tutors also conduct regular tests and assessments. The tutee should also do the practical side too. The best online tutoring platforms in the USA and the online tutoring platforms in India provide the best oriental level classes.

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