Why Indian Tutors Are The Best For Overseas Curriculum?

Why Indian Tutors Are The Best For Overseas Curriculum?

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Though online tutoring or e-tutoring has been around for a while, not many students/ parents realize its true potential of it. In specific, best Indian tutors for international students have a huge market overseas, still, some students/ parents are skeptical about how things turn out to be. So, in this article, I am going to throw light on how overseas students get benefitted by choosing an Indian tutor for their e-learning prospects. Read on.


For most students overseas, finding a tutor according to their availability and time zone is a big challenge. Fortunately, Eclassopedia has a huge team of teachers who deliver classes according to your schedule and choice. Our teachers work across time zones, and never leave a stone unturned, when it comes to providing timely and quality education to overseas students.


The outcome of ‘selecting a tutor’ is value. Being able to differentiate means that the tutors need to depend on merit rather than paucity to win the race, and students don’t have to settle for the second or third rate. It rather puts the student in the driver’s seat and helps him choose the best tutors.

Well-versed With Multiple Curriculum

The tutors at Eclassopedia are experts in switching between curriculums, and can easily adapt themselves to ensure quality learning outcomes according to the student’s syllabus. Our tutors cover courses from class I to XII, covering CBSE, IB, ICSE, IGCSE, GCSE, Edexcel, UK, USA, AUSTRALIAN, SINGAPORE, and K-12 curriculum. We train all our tutors to meet the requirements of international standards.


By choosing, Indian tutors, students need not leave the house for classes and can learn from the comfort of their homes. Besides, the travel time, fuel costs, and other challenges can be easily eliminated.


Instead of praying to get lucky to find a tutor who fulfills your criteria and with the best Indian tutors on Eclassopedia, you are much more likely to get a wide selection to choose from. Also, the wider selection provides you the benefits of learning from multiple tutors with different specializations, helping you connect with experts in the specific areas.

Save Time & Money

The online tutoring rates are overwhelmingly high in different countries which may not be comfortable for all the students. While expert Indian online tutors from India are available for very reasonable rates, providing the best learning experiences. The best Indian tutors are available for online tutoring at almost 1/3rd costs than overseas counterparts which are a brownie point for students. Also, choosing Indian tutors is quite easy, as the Eclassopedia platform has pooled up numerous experts across India on a single platform to facilitate the students.

At Eclassopedia students can:

  • Use virtual whiteboard during classes
  • Share a common screen
  • Upload files
  • Participate in audio, video, and text chat during the session
  • Get access to the recorded videos of the previous sessions

Finding the best online tutor is not so easy task. Eclassopedia is here to assist you to find the right tutor that fulfills your needs and learning style!

Do you have any queries? Are you ready to be a part of our great network? Please feel free to reach us on info@eclassopedia.com or click here to register.

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